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48-second trailer for our new 48-hour short film "CURL?"

SENTINELS is an exhilarating thriller that combines the cunning heists of 'Ocean's Eleven' with the noble spirit of 'Robin Hood.' When a close-knit group of brilliant friends from a prestigious college reunite, they find themselves at the forefront of a heart-stopping mission. 


Driven by their unwavering belief in justice, they risk everything they hold dear to expose the unscrupulous industrialists who profit from the tragedy of war, endangering countless innocent lives. Fueled by a sense of duty, they establish a stealth organization known as the Sentinels, dedicated to covertly capturing these ill-gained profits and preventing the rise of a Fourth Reich.


Season Two

A quick tease of all the drama, intrigue, and despair to look forward to in the second season of :30 Second Somebodies. We even managed to sneak in some comedy. Five new episodes coming soon


In this racially charged comedy, a couple spicing up their relationship discover fantasies can reveal their true natures in surprising ways.


Starring Kate Quigley, Jackson McQueen, Micah Cohen, and Lindsay Sawyer


Story by Jackson McQueen, Written by Jackson McQueen, Micah Cohen & Matthew Mullen


Directed by Matthew Mullen

A woman finds herself embroiled in a Kafkaesque legal nightmare when her husband gives away the cutesy romantic coupon she made for him to a stranger, and that stranger shows up on her doorstep demanding she honor it.


Starring Laura Seay, Micah Cohen, Adam Harrington, and LeShay Boyce


Written by Micah Cohen


Directed by Laura Seay


MANBOT imdb Poster v2.jpg

The future. Space war. A sexbot with a silicone tongue and a heart of gold.


Starring Jenn An, LeShay Boyce, Micah Cohen, and Julia Valentine Larson


Written by Julia Valentine Larson


Directed by Matthew Mullen

The future. Space war. A sexbot with a silicone tongue and a heart of gold.


Starring Micah Cohen, Julia Valentine Larson, Ian Eastin, and Ryan Radis


Written by Micah Cohen, Julia Valentine Larson & Matthew Mullen


Directed by Matthew Mullen

Terrace 49 V1.jpg

A mysterious stranger brings intrigue into the life of a down-and-out boxer in this film noir made for the Los Angeles 48hr Film Project


Starring Julia Valentine Larson, Micah Cohen, and Ian Eastin

Written by Micah Cohen & Matthew Mullen


Directed by Boris Undorf

Blackcliffe Poster FINAL copy.jpg

An uptight woman and her douchy fiancee get more than they bargained for when they visit her eccentric younger sister and her unusual boyfriend in the mountains.


Starring Cailyn Rice, Lindsay Sawyer, Micah Cohen, and Christopher Radcliffe

Written by Micah Cohen & Matthew Mullen


Directed by Brett Baldridge



A comedy series about living a shitter version of your dream.
15 minutes of fame, 30 seconds at a time. 

New Mommies

A comedy webseries about two single men in a non-sexual domestic partnership. The Odd Couple, but with cats. And cocaine.

(click image to watch)



Baby Birds


Micah Cohen

Growing up in Oakland CA in the 1980’s Micah Cohen quickly learned comedy was the quickest and easiest way to not get his ass whooped. Although he was only semi-successful, his love of buffoonery flourished into a career as a working actor and writer in Los Angeles.


You may have seen him on a myriad of TV shows usually portraying the main villain’s right hand man or on nearly a hundred commercials as the stupid husband or scared guy.

I-am-your-leader 150x150.jpg

Matthew Mullen

Matthew Mullen’s first produced screenplay was the award-winning short film SOME BOYS DON'T LEAVE, directed by Maggie Kiley and starring Jesse Eisenberg. He co-wrote the feature BRIGHTEST STAR, the web-series :30 SECOND SOMEBODIES and NEW MOMMIES, and directed numerous episodes of both. He is from New Jersey and a graduate of Rutgers College.

LAURA-806-PROOF copy.jpg

Laura Seay

Laura Seay is an actor, writer and director based in Los Angeles.

As a performer, she’s starred in Judd Apatow’s coming-of-age-romp SUPERBAD opposite Jonah Hill & Emma Stone, ABC’s MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. opposite Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen, CBS’S NCIS opposite Mark Harmon, NCIS NOLA, and PURE GENIUS opposite Dermot Mulroney and directed by Richard J. Lewis of WESTWORLD.
She also performs standup comedy throughout LA, including the Comedy Store & The Laugh Factory.

In 2017, Laura made her directorial debut with SPEAK, a short film and social issue piece that garnered nationwide selections and premiered at the prestigious Nantucket Film Festival.
She toured the country with the film, speaking with audiences about domestic violence and the importance of portraying its complexity.

Laura is currently in development on the feature version of this project.

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